how to pick a good kennel club

Choosing the Right Dog Breed Club for You

Any serious dog owner would give only the best for his pet dog. Even if you are not entertaining the idea of joining a local dog show, much less a championship dog show competition, membership to a duly-recognized Kennel Club is a very sensible decision.

Why would you become a member of a Kennel Club?

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Kennel Clubs or an organization of dog owners offer you a wealth of resources needed to better care for your pet dog.  You will have access to a lot of information on how to provide the best possible care for your dog. More importantly, the community of dog owners in a particular Kennel Club will always offer a helping hand for any problem that you might encounter.

Individual Kennel Clubs can give you and your dog a variety of benefits which can range from certification of your dog’s breed to qualifying for a variety of exhibitions and competition dog shows. You will also receive the club’s regular publication as well as possible discount cards for a variety of dog services that are also offered by Kennel Club members or from recognized third party affiliates.

How do you choose the right Kennel Club for you?

First and foremost is for you to ascertain the breed of dog that you have. Local Kennel Clubs often are breed-specific such as a club for dachshund owners, beagle owners, Labrador owners, and Yorkshire terrier owners, to name a few.

Make sure that the Kennel Club you will be joining is duly recognized by the national association of Kennel Clubs in your country. This means for Americans, the local Kennel Club should be registered with and duly recognized by the American Kennel Club, and so on and so forth for other countries.

Make sure, although not necessary, that the national organization of Kennel Clubs to which your local Kennel Club is affiliated, is also a duly recognized member of the Federation Cynologique Internationale – the world body of Kennel associations across the globe.

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Try to obtain as much information as you can about the Kennel Club that you want to join. You may want to ask about membership dues as well as other fees that you might incur in the course of your membership.

Ask about the different benefits that you and your dog are bound to receive upon membership as well as during the entire duration of your membership. Take not of any fine print in these ‘deals’ as you may end up paying more than if you were to have them elsewhere.

Ask about the services that they provide, both for you and your dog. Check if there is access to their website or that there are other modes of communicating important concerns to the general membership.

Do the paperwork

Joining a Kennel Club requires you to accomplish several forms, including the payment of certain fees like membership. Duly accomplish these and wait for additional instructions on what you need to do next.

Dog ownership does entail a lot of work, especially if you own a purebred dog and would want to safeguard his life and your investment. Choosing the right Kennel Club for you and your dog will definitely ensure these aims to be realized.





how to show your dog at a major dog show

Getting your Dog Ready for a Show

getting dog ready for dog show

 Since dog shows are events that highlight the unique characteristics of dogs, you must do all you can to adequately prepare your dog for the show. Be it in a conformational class or the more challenging obedience trials, a well-groomed dog will surely get some points.


A few months before the dog show

training for a dog show

Dog shows are regularly held, and if you are a regular member of a local Kennel Club, you will have information on the schedule of dog shows in your area. In some cases, regional and national exhibits will also be posted. With this knowledge, you can prepare your dog well ahead of time.

Be well-versed with the breed standards specific to your dog. Your local Kennel Club will have a list of what judges in dog shows will be looking for. Make sure to keep this information with you at all times to guide you in your preparations.

Invest in the general health and well-being of your dog. Since the show’s judges will be looking at the standard characteristics of any given breed, make sure that your dog is healthy. Give him healthy and high-quality dog food to ensure healthy coat and skin.

Do not forget to groom him daily as this will be reflected in the characteristics of his coat. Brush his teeth and check for early signs of possible health problems so that your veterinarian can do something about it early on. Give supplements such as calcium for stronger bones and omega fatty acids for a shinier coat.

Train your dog to listen to your simple commands. You do not need to train him complicated tricks. What will suffice for now is his ability to listen and follow your simple instructions.

The night before the dog show

Make sure that your dog will get plenty or rest, nutritious high-quality food, and adequate drinking water the day before the dog show. Perform any pre-bath clipping or nail trimming while you keep on brushing your dog’s coat.Clean your dog’s ears and, if needed, have your dog professional groomed. Bathe and thoroughly dry your dog. Once bathed and fully dried, check if you need to do some minor clipping of their coat and pay special attention to around their feet as this can be quite the eyesore for some judges.Here is more information on how to get rid of dog smell

The day of the show

Before going to the venue, spend ample time grooming your dog. Keep on brushing his hair, paying close attention to frizzies as well as other areas that may require touch-up clipping. You can put on a coat conditioner especially if you have a dog that has a thick coat.Get ready to go to the dog show; all of your equipment should have been already neatly stowed into a large bag or an equipment box. Some of the must-have items that you need to bring with you can include brushes, coverings, dog food, paper towels, toenail trimmers, water spray bottles, and pet bowls to name a few.Place your dog in his crate and off you go to the dog show.Just remember that this event is as important to your dog as it is for you. So, adequate and correct preparation will be very significant.